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External Cameras

Internal Cameras

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Commercial External and Internal CCTV

Live security camera feeds direct to your smartphone

  • Free advice and security audit
  • Reliable and affordable CCTV systems
  • Single and multiple camera systems
  • Networked or standalone CCTV systems
  • IP, analogue or combined systems
  • Remote monitoring
  • Insurance approved
  • Integration with intruder detection and access control systems

Kingsley Security Systems specialise in the installation of CCTV camera systems for your business. As your CCTV installer we can offer you affordable hi-spec systems for commercial premises.

We provide custom design, installation and maintenance of all types of digital CCTV systems available on the market.

At Kingsley Security Systems we carry out a full on site survey at your premises to identify your needs from the installation of the CCTV equipment.

DVR s from Kingsley Security Systems can include:

  • 500GB to 9000GB HDD options
  • High speed internet viewing using
  • H.264 recording
  • CIF, 2 CIF & D1 recording resolutions
  • Maximum record rate 400 fps
  • Full D1 live real time display
  • 1 x HDMI out
  • 1 x BNC monitor out
  • 1 x Spot monitor out
  • 1 x VGA monitor output
  • Backup to CDR, DVD, USB memory stick or USB HDD

External Cameras

  • Day and night cameras
  • Up to 36x optical zoom
  • Up to 256 Preset positions
  • Up to 8x patrols
  • Can include Heater & fan
    RS485 pelco D/P

Internal Cameras

  • Day/night switching using IR cut
  • 12 x optical zoom
  • 127 Preset positions

Camera Controllers

  • Controls and programmes all camera and PTZ functions
  • Can be used with up to 255 cameras
  • Can be used to give full remote control of Inspire DVR’s

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