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Retail Premise Alarms

Retail Premises Alarm Security

Kingsley Security can deliver the ultimate interactive retail alarm system to fit any retail need. Whether securing aisles, backrooms or protecting staff; we’ll tailor the ideal solution.


Your retail premises alarm system can include:

Full video verification

Linking security such as internal and external detectors with cameras delivers video verification of system activity via ProControl+; alerting and showing you what’s happening, so that appropriate action can be taken.

Security and video with ProControl+

Control your entire system remotely via ProControl+; access security and video in one app to arm and disarm, or check what’s happening.

Configurable per user

The access and control levels of each system and ProControl+ user can be configured to match
your preferences; monitoring staff activity to make sure everything is normal.

Full and separate area control

Arm and disarm the entire building or specific areas; be confident that while you serve
customers, your offices, storage rooms and cash rooms remain totally secure.

We’ve got you covered

Our large portfolio of security devices and cameras enables us to customise the perfect system, from life safety and panic alarms, to perimeter defence covering parking areas and back doors; keeping you, your staff and your business secure.

Compatible with professional 24/7 monitoring

Alongside the ability to monitor remotely via ProControl+, the system can be connected
to your local alarm receiving centre (ARC) for professional 24/7 monitoring and response.

Retail Premises Security System:

Enforcer V10

A multi-award-winning control panel that delivers a quick, non-invasive fully wireless installation, full remote ProControl+ functions and the ability to wire in devices if required.

Euro 46 V10

A hybrid control panel that delivers a wired installation, with wireless expansion capabilities to deliver a tailored system with full remote ProControl+ functions.

Magnetic contact

Device with two parts that notifies the system when separated – ideal for use on windows, doors and hatches.

Dual-technology detector

Combines two detection technologies for enhanced protection covering a volumetric area – perfect for warehouses.

Volumetric coverage PIR

Monitors a 12m radius volumetric area for body heat – perfect for indoor rooms and spaces.

Shock Sensor

Detects vibrations on the surface it is affixed to – suited to windows and other vulnerable entry points.

360º ceiling mounted PIR

Observes a circular area which ranges in diameter depending on height – ideal for protecting spaces where racking or objects would block a detector’s view.

ProControl+ App

Integrating video and intruder systems in one app to provide complete control over security.

Remote arming controls

Easy to pair and remove from the system, these can act as both an arming device and a portable panic button.

Proximity tags

Proximity tags

Easy to add, edit and delete, these can be simultaneously used for arming and disarming.

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