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BT Redcare

BT Redcare is one of the most widely used alarm signalling system in the UK. Kingsley Security Systems can expertly install BT Redcare with your security systems. With a range of products from grade 4 dual path systems to wireless only grade 2 systems, you can give have the highest and most effective level of protection with BT Redcare.

Operates on your existing phone line and is ideal for locations where mobile coverage isn’t available. It’s the most widely used grade 4 alarm signalling system in the UK and over 200,000 homes and businesses rely on it  to provide security and peace of mind. If you want to give your home or business the highest and most effective level of protection, Redcare Classic is an excellent choice.

Key Features

Total peace of mind
If an alarm sensor is triggered at your property, the ARC will be alerted within seconds.

No additional set up or installation costs
Redcare Classic doesn’t need a dedicated phone line – it works on your existing phone line* and provides alarm signalling even if the phone line is in use.

No extra call costs
No added charges are applied for communication between your alarm and the BT Redcare network.

Continuous service
Continuous monitoring of your phone line means that the ARC will be alerted within 40 seconds of any fault occurring or if the line is cut.

No risk of signal interference

The dedicated BT Redcare network is unique to BT – no other system uses it, which means there is no risk of your signal getting lost.

Regulatory compliance

Redcare Classic is compliant with British and European Standards for grade 4 alarm signalling.