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CSL DualCom

CSL DualCom are the market leader and pioneers of the first dual signalling systems to have interchangeable EN grades with groundbreaking GradeShift® technology. The affordable dual path options offer a single piece of hardware for every grade of risk and the single path wireless options offer even more savings without compromising security.

The award winning multi-network DualCom WorldSIM® is supplied with every DualCom at no extra charge offering access to all mobile networks. This means fewer false alarms for the ARC and less unnecessary keyholder call-outs for installers and their customers.

The DualCom GradeShift® range uses any available UK GPRS/GSM network and a telephone and/or IP path to signal an alarm into any Alarm Receiving Centre. Utilising multiple paths means there is a back-up path in the event of an accidental or deliberate fault on any path.

DualCom’s single path options – G2r and G3r – eliminate call costs and are the ideal solution where there is no telephone line available. DualCom GradeShift® UDL allows remote contact to an installed alarm control panel reducing the need for engineer visits. Contact ID and SIA provide ARCs with detailed information from the protected premises.